Technology Industry Report 'Workplace of the Future'

— Polycom (ANZ) —

Mind Methods Agency brought technology industry insights to life through powerful messaging, content and creative.



The local team at Polycom had recently conducted a major research project that brought together insights from more than 1,500 employers and employees across ANZ.

The research specifically focussed on how they define workplace collaboration today and their expectations on what’s needed to create a Workplace of the Future.

Following the research project, the team at Polycom were loaded with data and findings that needed to be turned into compelling insights through messaging, content development and creative design.

They approached Mind Methods, as their lead creative agency in Asia Pacific/Japan (APJ), to support with the design and creative approach for the final research report.



Mind Methods Agency worked closely with the local Polycom team, getting a detailed understanding of the objectives, findings and conclusions of the report prior to commencing with creative ideas for messaging and design.

Based on the information garnered through the research, Mind Methods proceeded to develop the creative approach to bringing all of the major insights within the report to life.

Some key components that helped to deliver powerful insights through an impressive report included:

  • Identification of Key Research Insights
  • Engaging Copywriting
  • Infographic Design
  • Image Selection & Treatment
  • Report Design & Typesetting
  • Iconography 
  • Chart & Table Design
  • Corporate Brand Guidelines Consideration

Outside of the report document itself, Mind Methods Agency also designed and produced a range of additional assets that could be utilised across media including:

  • Electronic Direct Mail Assets
  • Digital Landing Page Assets
  • Website Banner Assets
  • Social Media Tiles Assets


Mind Methods Agency successfully turned large volumes of data, tabulated information and analysis into a powerful report that highlighted the many fascinating insights uncovered by the research.

The imagery selected, along with the overall design of infographics, icons, tables and charts, delivered all key messages and insights in an attractive manner for the audience to consume.

The Polycom ANZ team were extremely pleased with the outcome and the success of the research spread far beyond the region, as the Polycom global head office team continued distribution of the report to it's other geographic regions outside of APJ.

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