'Australia Street'
Digital Solution

— Vodafone Australia —

Mind Methods helped Vodafone communicate their new customer segmentation model internally through a unique, creative and memorable digital solution.


Background & Objective

Vodafone Australia had embarked on a crucial piece of work to better understand their wide range of customers. They built a comprehensive Customer Segmentation Model in order to clearly define their customer types across a number of key demographic and behavioural characteristics.

With powerful insights delivered by the segmentation model on hand, their objective was to clearly and creatively communicate these insights - taking them from numbers, charts and spreadsheets, into a format that was memorable and that would assist staff with better understanding the customers they serve.


Visual Communication

With a large amount of data on hand we set out to develop some powerful creative that would visually communicate the findings within the segmentation model. We used a range of colours and images to identify customer segments and creative "app-style" icons to achieve a user-friendly mobile experience. 

Mind Methods delivered a solution that took powerful data and turned it into a memorable experience. This was a solution that would benefit the organisation, it’s employees and ultimately; the overall customer experience.
— Adrian Cachia, Strategic Director, Mind Methods

Intuitive & User-Friendly Digital Experience (UX)

We developed a user-friendly internal micro-site that provided a mobile user experience directly on-screen. We incorporated mobile-app functionality that would be easy for users to navigate and that was highly intuitive given the wide-spanning adoption of mobile devices across all age groups.


Mobile-Responsive Design

Our focus was on providing a consistent mobile experience. A mobile-optimised micro-site would not have been enough for this project, as this would date over time as technologies evolve. Instead we developed a completely mobile-responsive design that was device & technology proof - a truly powerful solution!