'Natural Collaboration'
Technology Roadshow Campaign

— Polycom® (Asia Pacific) —

An international Innovation Roadshow campaign launching the latest Polycom® products, innovations and insights in the Asia-Pacific region


Situation: "Problem & Opportunity"

Polycom® set out to plan for their latest innovation roadshow in 2017 where they communicate and promote their latest product innovations and industry insights.

Given the success of the 2016 edition, Mind Methods were once again engaged to support with the planning and promotion of a series of themed events that would showcase their latest insights, innovations and products.

Mind Methods, together with the team at Polycom®, aimed to capitalise on the success of the previous year's campaign by following up with another outstanding roadshow in 2017 that would continue to position Polycom® and their products as the leaders in innovation within this industry.


Strategy: "Method & Approach"

The development of a powerful campaign theme was at the heart of our approach for the 2017 campaign, following a thorough briefing process with the Polycom® Asia Pacific team.

Inspired by their latest innovations, the 2017 campaign focussed on driving home the message about the evolution of communication and human collaboration, highlighting the importance of extending the way we communicate in person into the way we collaborate across physical boundaries.

Mind Methods were charged with developing the campaign creative theme along with the complete suite of marketing assets required to promote the roadshow through all mediums including Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), Digital Landing Pages, Point of Sale and traditional Print & Digital Collateral.

All assets would once again be designed and delivered to Polycom® for use by each of the marketing teams across the Asia-Pacific region.


Solution: "Tactical Implementation"

In 2017, another strong campaign theme was developed by Mind Methods with the support of the Polycom® team. The headline theme developed was titled 'Natural Collaboration', illustrating that humans have always collaborated well 'in the round'.

The tagline developed was 'Anywhere, anytime. Evolve your communications' and this further communicated the main theme that our digital communication needs to continue to evolve and can follow a similar path to the way that we already naturally collaborate and communicate in person.

Mind Methods designed all creative assets for the regional roadshow in line with the Polycom® global brand guidelines. A range of communications materials were developed, which were used by all marketing teams in the region to promote and run their local events.

A summary of the creative assets produced is provided below:


1. Pre-Event

  • Event Theme
  • Email Marketing Program (EDM)
  • Landing Pages
  • Event Agendas (All Cities)
  • Website Assets

2. At Event

  • Demo Room Backdrops
  • Pull-up Banners
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Sales Presentations
  • Name Tags
Event Pull-up Banner

Event Pull-up Banner

Event Pull-up Banner

Event Pull-up Banner


Results: "Outcomes & Recommendations"

With a strong campaign strategy, unique creative theme and range of effective integrated communications, the 2017 Innovation Roadshow delivered a powerful initiative that engaged the target audience. 

Once again, Mind Methods produced campaign assets that were used by Polycom® marketing teams across the Asia-Pacific region. 

Successful events were run in Australia, Singapore and India attracting great attendance at each event including Senior IT Managers and all levels of Government who focus on flexible working environments. This once again encouraged new leads into the sales pipeline for Polycom® in each region, whilst at the same time engaging existing customers and partners.

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