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— George Weston Foods —

A unique approach to reporting that highlights key insights and results through powerful creative.


George Weston Foods (GWF) are suppliers of many of Australia and New Zealand's favourite and trusted food brands such as Tip Top (Bread) and Don (Small Goods).

Following the launch and roll-out of a new Tip Top product range (Frozen Bread), the team needed to report progress back to the business to illustrates it's initial success and gain further support to continue promoting the product.

GWF approached Mind Methods to help them visually communicate a report that would illustrate the various products that were launched, why they were introduced to market, how they opened up a new category and the initial sales results that had been achieved since launch.

The team at Mind Methods worked closely with GWF to better understand the key insights and messages that needed to be communicated across the internal teams.

This resulted in the creation of an internal report presentation, using attractive creative themes and assets to convey key insights in an effective manner.

Product images were used along with diagrams, charts and carefully selected lifestyle photography to create a presentation that communicated the progress of the new product in a succinct, attractive and easy to understand way.

This report presentation was used internally and was well received by all key stakeholders.

Following the presentations, the new product range has gained further internal support and continues to be supplied and distributed in the market.