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We are the outsourced marketing team for the leading pharmaceutical compounders in Australia & New Zealand

Stylised photography was incorporated into Kingsway Compounding communications

Stylised photography was incorporated into Kingsway Compounding communications


Background & Objectives

The Partners and Owners at Kingsway Compounding Pharmacy have experienced significant growth over the past few years and have seen their company continue to evolve as an industry leader. Having conducted numerous internal and external marketing 'activities' over the years, they identified the need to take a more strategic approach to their marketing and decided to seek external input that could support and enhance their internal resources, tools and capabilities.

Given our unique proposition, (and as a Sydney-based marketing services agency) Mind Methods were selected and charged with acting as the outsourced marketing department for Kingsway Compounding. Our role is to support the entire organisation's marketing efforts from strategy and planning, straight through to execution and evaluation, as we work with the business on an ongoing basis. 

“Mind Methods offer something truly unique. They have set us up with a solid foundation that will benefit us over the long-term, but they also deliver the ongoing activities that help us in the short-term.”

— Karl Landers, Partner & Principal Pharmacist, Kingsway Compounding
Development of an updated brand for Kingsway Compounding

Development of an updated brand for Kingsway Compounding


Marketing Strategy & Planning Phase

The beginning of such an embedded relationship can often be seen as the most difficult however, having tried a range of smaller, activity-focussed marketing agencies Kingsway Compounding understood the value of setting an over arching strategy that would bring together the many marketings activities they run each year.

The first phase of the relationship (3-4 months) involved in-depth strategy and planning workshops, session and documentation as Mind Methods used their unique methodologies to learn about the organisation and clearly define who they are, what they do, who they serve and much more.

The key components of this phase included:

Marketing Plan – We worked closely on the core components of a traditional marketing plan as we delved deep into internal aspects (business overview, SWOT Analysis, products/services, capabilities, resources, tools etc.) and external aspects of the business (positioning, markets, target consumers, sales & distribution channels, competitors etc.)

Brand Plan – We looked deeply at the Kingsway brand and identity, as we looked to further define what the organisation stood for and how this could be articulated to the market, clients, prospects, partners, suppliers and internal staff. They key components of the brand plan were the Brand Audit, Brand Strategy and Brand Execution.

Communications Plan – Finally, we looked at a comprehensive approach to communications planning as we identified, researched and recommended a wide range of Marketing Communications "Strategies" and "Tactic" across the full spectrum of marketing mediums (e.g. Advertising, Events, Print, Events, Promotions etc.)

Following an intensive period of strategy and planning, the solid foundations had been laid it was time to start executing the strategies, plans and tactics - time to start having fun and getting results!!


Brand Development & Roll-out

Given our intensive brand planning process, it was the logical next step to continue on with the complete redevelopment of the Kingsway Compounding brand.

Mind Methods conducted extensive research (additional to the brand plan) as we looked across the industry and major competitors to get a better understanding of the overall landscape. Using a range of references to support our initial findings, we developed logo and hallmark concepts, which were then refined to achieve our final result.

The key components of our Brand Development included:

  1. Extensive Brand Research/References
  2. Consultation on Brand Strategy & Execution
  3. Brand Concept Development
  4. Brand Development/Sign-off
  5. Initial Conceptualisation of Basic Brand Guidelines

Along with Brand Development and the creation of a new logo and hallmark, we began rolling out the new brand identity across a range of materials including:

  1. Business Cards Design
  2. Email Signatures Design
  3. Printed Packaging Labels Design
  4. Script & Order Forms Design
  5. Update a Large Range of Selected Brochures
  6. Design Concepts (All Packaging)
  7. Sachet Box Design
  8. Office Layout & Design (Consultation Only)
Above: Logo guidelines document

Above: Logo guidelines document

Above: Full page print advertisement

Above: Full page print advertisement


Industry Events

Opportunities existed to further roll-out the new branding through industry events that Kingsway Compounding were due to attend.

A range of materials were developed for the following industry events:

  1. ACNEM Conference 2014 (Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine)
  2. Annual Golf Day 2014

Online Marketing - Website & SEO

Another huge objective for Kingsway Compounding was the complete re-design and re-development of the organisation's website. Given the extensive research and planning conducted at the early stages of the relationship, it was clearly identified that the website was and will continue to be the core hub of the businesses online marketing strategy.

Loaded with insights on the business and their main consumers and partners, Mind Methods managed the complete website re-development project including the following key components:

  1. Website Re-Structure
  2. Website Content Development
  3. Website Content Integration
  4. Website Re-Design
  5. Website Technical Development (Partnering with Digital Supplier)
  6. Website Project Management

The project will be rolled out in a phased approach and future work will be conducted to continue to evolve the site such as customer and partner portals and the complete re-development of the e-commerce site (online store). 

A comprehensive SEO Audit was also conducted to set the foundations for a full SEO program in 2016... stay tuned for more on this powerful online marketing strategy!


“We had tried a range of marketing activities and agencies over the years and we never really felt like we had all bases covered. We chose to work with Mind Methods as our marketing department due to their deep experience in many industries. They understand us and apply customised solutions for our specific business, budgets and needs.”

— George Dimaris, Partner & Principal Pharmacist, Kingsway Compounding

2017 and Beyond...

Our partnership with Kingsway Compounding has been an exciting journey for all involved as 2014 set the foundations for strong ongoing marketing that will achieve results over the short, medium and long-term. Some of the major plans for 2017 include:

  1. Customer Knowledge & Research
  2. Online Marketing – Website (Phase 2)
  3. Online Marketing – Website (Phase 3)
  4. Online Marketing – SEO (Strategy/Execution)
  5. Online Marketing – Social Media
  6. Marketing Communications – Email Marketing
  7. Marketing Communications – eNewsletter
  8. Brand Roll-out (Ongoing)
  9. Events (External)
  10. Channel Strategies (Customer/Partner Marketing)
  11. Sales Promotions/Promotional Strategy
  12. Advertising

About Kingsway Compounding

Since 2001, Kingsway Compounding have developed a world leading team specialising in pharmaceutical compounding who pride themselves on listening and empathising with both the patient and practitioner.

Kingsway Compounding take a holistic & integrative approach health to formulate personalised medicines developed in consultation with medical practitioners using evidence based practices for clients to help with the prevention and treatment of illness and disease.

For more information on Kingsway Compounding, visit their website.