‘Anytime Super’

— Club Plus Superannuation —

A comprehensive, long-term member engagement strategy and initial campaign for an Australian industry superannuation brand


Situation: “Problem & Opportunity”

The discovery & analysis phase of work began with identifying the primary objective, which was to re-engage a difficult and less “engaged” member segment that was at risk of attrition from the fund. This process began with analysing a great deal of internal and external research to better understand the current situation and inform our strategy going forward.

Here we took advantage of a range of research reports previously conducted and we were also heavily involved in a unique set of focus groups that would specifically address this member segment. With this information on hand, some key insights were drawn, arming us for the next stage of our strategy development.

Strategy: “Method & Approach”

Following our analysis of the situation we set out to define our recommended approach & activities for this strategic engagement program and the initial integrated communications campaign. We looked at the audience and member personas (target market) and developed unique targeted and deliberate campaign flight paths to maximise response conversion and engagement with each segment.

We recommended a complete strategic engagement program including a range of integrated campaigns that would incorporate communications activities across mediums including Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), Digital Landing Pages, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Re-marketing and traditional Print & Digital Collateral.

Silver-foil Direct Mail piece in the form of a passport.

Silver-foil Direct Mail piece in the form of a passport.


Solution: "Tactical Implementation"

Once the strategy was set, the Mind Methods team launched into campaign implementation and management mode to produce and manage all communication pieces for the first campaign within the strategic program.

A summary of the communications strategy and activity is summarised below:

  • Focus Group Strategy
  • Member Targeting (Segmentation & Analysis)
  • Website Creative (Banners & Inner Pages)
  • Digital Landing Page Development (Multiple Variations)
  • Email Marketing (Segmented EDM Variants) 
  • Print Collateral (Direct Mail)
  • Content and Copywriting
  • Call Centre Strategy and Scripting
  • Social Media Creative Strategy
  • Online Advertising & Re-marketing Strategy
  • Post Implementation Reporting (Analysis)
  • CEO and Board of Directors Presentations

Results: "Outcomes & Recommendations"

The initial integrated communications campaign exceeded expectations and delivered some outstanding results in re-engaging existing members within this high-risk, "disengaged" segment. More importantly, a number of our initial insights were reinforced and we also learned a whole lot more, meaning that all of these insights can continue to be used to shape our future ongoing communications initiatives with this segment.

Specific campaign results with this disengaged group included a positive brand impact with an extremely low unsubscribe rate of 0.4%, high memorability with 25% engagement from landing page visits with the direct mail piece and high brand awareness (impressions) with a 49.7% eDM open rate.    

As well as delivering a successful campaign, Mind Methods put together a comprehensive review & recommendations report that were used to communicate the results of the campaign and insights gained to Senior Management and the Board of Directors.

We are looking forward to continuing to communicate the Club Plus Super brand values through this program and evolving it over time, achieving continued success for both Club Plus Super and their valued members.



In recognising your nomination for the 2016 AIST Awards for Excellence in the category of Best Integrated Campaign (Over $40k)

Tom Garcia
Chief Executive Officer, AIST