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Basecamp streamlines how we work with our clients. You make more progress in less time — without the excessive emails, meetings, and busy-work that marketing projects normally require. Here are some tips on how you can maximise the way you use the software.

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“Our clients enjoy using Basecamp when working with us on projects. A few have found that their inbox can sometimes get hit with more email notifications than they'd prefer.”

When your marketing projects are humming along with a lot of activity (and we hope they are!) you might start receiving lots of email from Basecamp. Sometimes the volume can get overwhelming or repetitive, especially if you keep a close eye on Basecamp throughout the day anyway.

Today we’ve added a new email summary option to help tame the notification beasts. Here’s how it works.

Head over to your Me page and click the Your Basecamp Settings link. You’ll see a new section called “Email frequency.”


Turn on the option that says "Email me a summary every few hours at most." Now Basecamp will roll up all of your notifications and send you a single email every three hours or so. So instead of getting 10 separate emails for 10 new comments as they happen, you’ll get one email containing all 10 comments a little later.

The summary email looks something like this:


The summary will contain anything people notified you about, like new messages, comments, to-do assignments, calendar events, uploaded files, or forwarded emails.

(Don’t worry, Basecamp still has your back! It’ll continue to email you immediately about any events or to-dos that are coming up soon, so you can act on them right away.)

You can also turn this option on or off at any time with the links in the bottom of emails Basecamp sends.


We hope this update makes your inbox a bit more relaxing!


Article by Amadea SoetrisnoAs an art and craft enthusiast Dea enjoys drawing, reading, photography and pottery. Her first encounter with digital design was back in primary school when she first installed 'FrontPage' and 'Photoshop' on her PC, and has been passionate about digital art ever since. By combining her art and technology skills, she adds a fresh and creative flair to Mind Methods.