We have moved: Mind Methods HQ

Take a look inside our NEW office space, injecting us with copious amounts of Vitamin D! We are happy to keep our central location and the old school charm ties in well with our Mind Methods 'Brand Science' vibe.

Year in Review

It has been a year that began with big changes and challenges, so we took a deep breath, looked forward and continued along the right path. Who would’ve thought!

Must-Watch Movies

At Mind Methods studio we're always talking about our favourite films and finds. We've collected a list of films that we individually talk about but no-one else has seen.

Favourite Podcast Episodes of 2018

All of us in the studio listen to podcasts. More often than not, our first workday sighting of each other is earbuds in ear, listening to our latest pod. Here are some of our favourite podcast eps of the year.

How to develop a robust marketing communications calendar

Marketing communications calendars define your strategic messaging, manage tactical messaging and help you define your campaign and content marketing plans by channel and target audience.

Basecamp: Quickly find what you're looking for with your project

Our clients enjoy using Basecamp when working with us on marketing projects. Here is a trick that can save you time when diving into a deeper project.

Get less project emails from Basecamp

Our clients enjoy using Basecamp when working with us on marketing projects. A few have found that their inbox can sometimes get hit with more email notifications than they'd prefer.

The Power of the Gantt for Marketing Projects

Project management tools and processes should be a marketers best friend and one such tool that every marketer appreciates is a good Gantt chart. We explore why gantt charts are still relevant today!