Stick to the process: Important marketing processes to hit objectives


“It’s important to envisage the end goal and the direction you want to take. Then you have to wake up every day, tie your shoelaces and walk towards it.”

Wake up every day, tie your shoe laces and walk towards your goal.

Wake up every day, tie your shoe laces and walk towards your goal.


Keep your vision. Trust the process.

I keep coming across this same thing over and over again. It seems to be happening more so now, than ever before. People are rushing around, looking for some new form of silver bullet or the next opportunity to find a quicker, faster and easier path. You have to invest in and trust the process.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the process to getting the results that you want remains the same as it has always been. Even if you do get lucky once in a while, sustaining success will require the same approach.

You need to master patience (it is a virtue) and you need to start to get to grips with chipping away.

You can and should always set the goals, visualise the outcomes and the direction required to get there. The vision is important in giving you purpose. But then you need to focus on the basics and do the work. Let the process take its course through whatever period of time that is required. 

Getting to wherever it is you want to go lies deep within the process and your willingness to patiently stick with it. I often refer to the analogy of growing a plant. You can do everything necessary to help it grow; water, sunlight, soil. But it needs tending to every day and you can't take short cuts to make it grow faster.

Sticking to a set process

At Mind Methods we implement and facilitate a range of essential processes for our clients. They have their vision and the goals they wish to achieve. We then provide them with robust processes to help them bring these visions to life in an effective and efficient manner.

We understand that at times these processes can feel tedious and time-consuming, but we know just how rewarding it can be as we see our clients benefiting from sticking to the process on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, we also see how damaging it can be when clients stray from the process.

Some examples of processes we use to support our valued clients in achieving their goals include:

  • Marketing Planning Process

  • Brand Planning Process

  • Communications Planning Process

  • Creative Briefing Process

  • Website Briefing Process

  • Product Go-to-market Process

For useful tools that can help you stick with the process you can get in touch with the team at Mind Methods. You can also join our resources portal and stay tuned for the latest marketing templates and white papers.