The explosion in personalisation

Direct Mail we developed for a national campaign ( Club Plus Super )

Direct Mail we developed for a national campaign (Club Plus Super)

Although I deeply value fundamental principles and strategic thinking, I have realised that in today's environment, I can not ignore the increasing need to remain cognisant of the ever-changing digital landscape in the immediate term. The rapid growth and dynamic transformation occurring within the digital space is truly fascinating, as short-term advancements must be effectively integrated into longer-term digital strategy.

When it comes to personal data, we are entering an astonishing new era where more and more of our daily interactions and transactions are being digitised. What this means, in terms of personalisation, for individuals and the organisations that serve them, is truly exciting... (if used correctly, with integrity and for the ultimate benefit of the consumer). A great example is in mobile devices, which hold the power of context; "They are with most people 24/7. They know where we are. They know what we are doing. And they are generating trails of data that can pull meaning from our activity as we go about our daily lives."

So what will this level of personalisation mean for your brand?