Staff Picks for the Month

Heavy Rotation:  Stream our Office Playlist

Heavy Rotation: Stream our Office Playlist


At Mind Methods Agency we have Spotify running non-stop. We add songs to jukebox playlists and let them fly randomly, on shuffle play. Every couple of weeks we build large playlists where we share our diverse range of tastes and influences, past and present.

The true magic of our little ritual comes to life when an infamous addition can quickly rise to Office Classic! Sharing is caring.


Nathan’s Pick


“Summer Madness” – Kool & the Gang
One of my favourites from Kool & the Gang. Less of their celebrated disco vibes and more of a magical journey. This track is the original sample used in Fresh Prince's 'Summertime', an ultimate classic from my teen years.

Instagram: @nathanmethods

Simon’s Pick


“Like a Stone” – Audioslave
I had to add this because I was surprised to learn that the rest of the gang were unfamiliar with this track.

Instagram: @mindmethodsagency

Lorenzo’s Pick


“For the First Time” – Darius Rucker
I made note of all the songs that captured my attention on my recent North Carolina road trip, mostly country and gospel. Not necessarily my favourite track but I definitely dug the sentiment.

Instagram: @30homegames

Andrea’s Pick


“Empire Ants” – The Gorillaz (feat. Little Dragon)
One of my favourites from the ‘Plastic Beach’ album delivering smooth Gorillaz signature sounds with a fresh take on climate change, the human condition, and our impact on the planet.

Instagram: @andrea_vukovic

Michele’s Pick


“The Next Movement” – The Roots
Easy to forget that before they became Jimmy Fallon's house band, The Roots were busy forging a career bridging the gap between hip hop/jazz and pop. 20 years on, this song still sounds like it could have been released yesterday. Timeless classic if you appreciate percussion and a lyricist with unparalleled cadence.

Instagram: @mzagami


Article by Nathan Lee. Nathan is a Co-Founder and Creative Director at Mind Methods and has been delivering brand strategy since 2004. Nathan brings extensive experience spanning a long list of Australian and global brands across a range of industries, delivering outstanding brand, design, print and digital solutions.