Sprout Social Agency Partner Program


Mind Methods announced as Founding Agency Partner for leading social media software, Sprout Social.

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“Mind Methods are fortunate to be the first founding agency partner in Australia for Sprout Social”

We are really pleased to be the first agency in Australia to be a part of Sprout Socials Agency Partner Program. The list of agencies internationally was just shy of 70 agencies and Mind Methods came in strong representing the land of Oz!

Why is this so exciting? 

Cost Efficient Enterprise Level Services

Firstly it allows us to provide enterprise level (and agency level) social media services, reporting and insights. The team at Sprout are very proactive and they provide their agencies with dedicated support, tools and resources to enable a understand trends and to develop a solid approach to social media. 

We are also given access to pricing that allows us to deliver Sprouts Enterprise Level features on a profile by profile basis as opposed to clients having to jump onto the Enterprise Level plan for potentially only one or two profiles.

These savings allows clients to spend more resources on the things that really matter such as, developing relevant communications, messaging and creative to grow their social presence over time. 

Bespoke, Optimised Social Posting

Sprout also helps us to optimise when social media posts are scheduled based on the individual clients follower activity via their AI. The AI allows us to analyse when the optimal times are to post and to deliver content at those exact moments. This has proven to be very effective for engagement.

Managing Customer Service & Audience Engagement

Managing follower engagement is also very effective as incoming messages and user collaboration flows can be developed. Today, social media is as much as a customer service tool as it is a marketing tool (just the other day I did all my customer support for Foxtel through Facebook). 

Sprout monitors incoming messages and the clients responsiveness to any to those messages. Sprout also keeps track of who responded and when. Sprout also allows us to develop assets such as templates (e.g. image library, common responses to common questions). This saves time with double handling and reduces confusion on managing engagement. This is great when you are managing so many accounts as it can all be managed from the one place.  

Insights & Reporting

Finally the reporting function is really powerful as we can understand key demographics for each medium, review post engagement, understand organic/paid/viral impressions and determine conversions to our clients websites (or click throughs) as a direct response to social media activity (ROI). Ultimately, there is no point in posting if it doesn't lead to either greater brand awareness or greater company engagement.

Other Benefits of Sprout Social

Here is a quick list of why we love using Sprout and why you should get in touch with us if you would like to gain access to it. 

  1. Better Understanding of Listening & Monitoring

  2. Become More Approachable to Your Customers

  3. Never Miss a Brand-Relevant Message

  4. Stay Organised With Marketing Campaigns Tags

  5. Interact With Your Top Brand Advocates & Key Customers

  6. Understand What’s Working (and Not Working) For Competitors

  7. Win Back Lost Customers

Best Practice & Great Support

These are just a few of the many reasons why we are excited to be a founding agency partner, but overall the constant engagement from our dedicated support team sharing knowledge via phone calls, webinars, video conferencing, white papers, customer support, international agency interaction and general downloads to best leverage social media for business purposes is the most exciting component.


This is what takes the partnership beyond just having access to a good tool, it's what makes us empowered by an international company that knows where social media is headed and gives us the confidence to deliver strong social media programs to our clients!   

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Article by Simon TokicSimon has a few passions including basketball, music and surfing, however, most of his time is spent as a self proclaimed marketing geek applying fundamental marketing principles in strategic and creative ways. Prior to running Sydney marketing agency Mind Methods, Simon worked on leading brands including Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Glad, Chux, Armor All, Clorox, Barbeques Galore, Anglicare and more.