Our Core Values


“Mind Methods was founded on a set of values shared by its owners. We look forward to building this business with you.”


Positive & Collaborative


We take a positive, inclusive and collaborative approach to delivering value-adding outcomes throughout all interactions of the business and delivery of products and services.

Health & Balance


We foster client and partner relationships with like-minded individuals and organisations that share the same core values. We believe strongly in creating a positive, happy workplace.

Honest & Transparent


We engage with clients, partners, employees, owners/shareholders and the community in a transparent and honest manner with open communication at the forefront of all relationships.

Community Focussed


We support community groups where possible, with special focus on educating the public and developing leaders who share our goal to support less fortunate members of our communities.

Quality, Value & Excellence


We only deliver the highest quality in products/services with a strong client focus and a consistent process, to ensure that clients are satisfied and rewarded with value-adding outcomes.

Ethically Committed


We aim to set new standards in conducting business and strive to influence our peers. We reject all forms of discrimination and act upon ethics in practice, not just in empty promises.