Traditional marketing vs.
the Mind Methods approach


“We work as part of your business, not an external supplier.”

Traditional Marketing Services

A. Senior manager presence with juniors managing client

B. Traditionally shorter-term focused

C. Project campaign implementation

D. Limited understanding of client overall business strategy

E. Limited understanding of client industry dynamics

F. Output focused (website, graphic design, campaign)

G. Focus on campaign/project strategy/brief

H. Narrow specialty focus (generally communications)

I. Strengths in narrow specialty (online, print, research)

J. All time is billable, efficient or inefficient

K. Project updates via account managers (emails, meetings)

L. Project delivery focused

The Mind Methods Effect

A. Boutique with owners and senior staff across all clients

B. Passionate about short and long-term results

C. Strategy, planning, project and campaign implementation

D. Extensive client side experience with a strategic business focus

E. Focus on client industry research and understanding

F. Strategy, operations, efficiency & output focused

(holistic, marketing and brand plans, communications plans)

G. Focus on top-line business, marketing and campaign specific objectives

H. Integrated marketing approach (where possible across marketing mix)

I. Strength in business, marketing & sales strategy (driving all projects across marketing mix)

J. Only efficient time is billed and measured with a results focus

K. Transparent project management process (online project updates, emails & meetings/workshops)

L. We really care about the success of your business!