Setting foundations for success for product launch campaign

The 4 key elements to a successful product launch campaign


“It’s an exciting part of business. Bringing a new offering to market can be such a dynamic and invigorating process, as you become part of a movement that is capitalising on an opportunity or responding to a threat.”


Setting the foundations for success

Regardless of industry or the size of the organisation, everyone wants a successful launch when taking a new product to market. More often than not, timeframes are tight and the pressures of raising revenue can expedite the process.

At a really high level, we see four critical components to a solid Go-To-Market strategy that must be addressed in order to give your offering the best chance at success.

The 4 key elements to a successful product launch campaign

1. External Analysis – Looking outwardly to assess the external market and industry environment.

2. Internal Analysis – Looking inwardly at your business and products/services, identifying your unique approach to going to market. 

3. Acquisition Strategy – Developing the resources, tools and processes that will be deployed to enable success through sales. 

4. Retention Strategy – Identifying and planning your approach to retaining customers/clients and maintaining success by gaining their loyalty.

We see these as the four critical components that need to be addressed when launching new products or services.

How to address the 4 key elements

Each component contains a number of specific focus areas and we explain each of these in detail within our White Paper titled Product Marketing Campaigns.

You can never guarantee success when it comes to launching new products, but you do have the choice of how to go about it. 

You can take short cuts and hope for the best, or you can incorporate the fundamentals, do your thorough due diligence and give yourself and your offering the best chance at success!

Either way, good luck and enjoy the process.