Print is not Dead

This fabulous cloth-bound gem was gifted to us by its designer Joshua Morris.

This fabulous cloth-bound gem was gifted to us by its designer Joshua Morris.




Vitamin P3
New Perspectives in Painting

Phaidon Editors

Part of the ongoing Vitamin series, the cover of P3 was too good to pass up. A great collection of artists pushing the boundaries of painting. The amazing ‘paint globules’ on the cover and the ‘paint swirls’ for the page edges turn this book into an artwork in its own right. 


Blind Spot
Teju Cole

During his travels, Teju Cole used his camera as an extension of his memory. “The images are a tourist’s pictures,” he says, but it wasn’t until he “began to match words to these interconnected images” that this book came to life. 
Ro Kwon, The Guardian


Twenty-one Australian Architects
Breaking New Gound

Belle / Karen McCartney

This beautiful hardcover was gifted to us by its designer Joshua Morris. This fabulous cloth-bound gem highlights the architects leading the way in Australia and discusses their design philosophy and inspiration alongside examples of their work. 


Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos
Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw

An entertaining and non-technical explanation of high end science. Very well put together, it is full of dry humour, fascinating facts and beautiful imagery. 


Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Samin Nosrat

With some luxurious foil treatments to the tactile cover, this stunning book not only teaches you how to cook but “captures how it should feel to cook: full of exploration, spontaneity and joy.”


How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity:
A Guide to Financial Freedom

Patricia Carlin

If you want to skip on this book but still make that dough, Huffington Post have an excerpt of the vital steps here.


Monocle Travel Guide: San Francisco

Beautiful travel guides that are condensed but cover lots of ground. San Francisco is the latest addition to our collection, which includes Copenhagen, Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul and Singapore.


Human Universe
Brian Cox

An elegant message to humanity. This is the story of the history of time and space, and where we are going in the future. It puts things into a much needed perspective.


Article by Nathan Lee. Nathan is a Co-Founder and Creative Director at Mind Methods and has been delivering brand strategy since 2004. Nathan brings extensive experience spanning a long list of Australian and global brands across a range of industries, delivering outstanding brand, design, print and digital solutions.