Photo Diary: Japan

Photos: Nathan Lee

The area of Nakano was home for one week in May.

The area of Nakano was home for one week in May.


“I just loved the way visually it looks and the mood. I've never been in another place where I really felt like it's another planet. And then you're jet-lagged on top of it..”

— Sofia Coppola, interview about Lost in Translation

Last month I was in Japan for a quick vacation. During the one-week getaway I was excited to draw some new design inspiration from the country I like to call my second home.

I first visited Japan in 2005, and returned often over the years. A sense of nostalgia comes with each trip to Tokyo, enjoying memorable experiences and friendships that have been built upon each trip, with this being my eighth visit. And no matter how many times I have been there, it always is a surreal encounter. There is a real magic about this wonderland. 

For most of these adventures, I'm guilty of never exploring outside of Tokyo. This was the perfect chance to discover a little bit more. It ended up being a nice solid dose of Tokyo (it has been 2 years and I miss it), along with a side dish of two days in Kyoto. 


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Article by Nathan Lee. Nathan is a Co-Founder and Creative Director at Mind Methods and has been delivering brand strategy since 2002. Nathan brings extensive experience spanning a long list of Australian and global brands across a range of industries, delivering outstanding brand, design, print and digital solutions.