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Subtitle: Mind Methods

Subtitle: Mind Methods


At Mind Methods studio we're always talking about our favourite films and finds. Soundtracks come up on our Spotify playlist and a reference invariably works itself into a conversation. We've collected a list of films that we individually talk about but no-one else has seen. It's not a contest but it'll be interesting to see when and if the studio ever collectively views them all.

Legend: Player 1 (n/a): not yet seen movie | Player 2 (1/1/19): watched on 1/1/19

Lorenzo’s Recommendations


The Wolfpack (2015)
Whilst the tone might seem dark, this is ultimately about the power of imagination to lift people from isolation and bleak circumstances. A key song from the movie, 'Tarzan Boy' by Baltimora is on high rotation on the office playlist. 

N.L. (n/a) | S.T. (n/a) | M.Z. (n/a) | D.S. (n/a)


Greenberg (2010)
A movie about unrealised dreams, this appeals to the curmudgeon in me. Director Noah Baumbach pairs well with another office favourite, Wes Anderson.

N.L. (n/a) | S.T. (n/a) | M.Z. (n/a) | D.S. (n/a)

Nathan’s Recommendations


Helvetica (2007)
For over a decade now, I feel like I nag everyone I meet to watch this documentary. It’s just that it is the best.

L.E. (n/a) | S.T. (n/a) | M.Z. (n/a) | D.S. (n/a)


Incendies (2010)
Not the happiest or most festive of movies to watch during your holidays, but definitely one that will move you. The Marwan siblings trace their family history and carry out their mother’s final wishes.

L.E. (n/a) | S.T. (n/a) | M.Z. (n/a) | D.S. (n/a)

Simon’s Recommendations


Love & Mercy (2014)
The Beach Boys were highly influential and Brian Wilson is a musical genius. This film shows how in the 1960s, Beach Boys’ leader Brian Wilson struggles with emerging psychosis as he attempts to craft his avant-garde pop masterpiece. In the 1980s, he is a broken, confused man under the 24-hour watch of shady therapist Dr. Eugene Landy.

L.E. (n/a) | N.L. (n/a) | M.Z. (n/a) | D.S. (n/a)


Quincy (2018)
Quincy Jones is a driven individual that’s become a looming figure on American culture. The doco beautifully captures his impact on music and America as a whole.
["Foods that start with the letter 'Q'" — Ed.]

L.E. (n/a) | N.L. (n/a) | M.Z. (n/a) | D.S. (n/a)

Michele’s Recommendations


Traceroute (2016)
I thought I was a nerd… until I watched this.

L.E. (n/a) | N.L. (n/a) | S.T. (n/a) | D.S. (n/a)


MacGruber (2010)
Because I'm weird and laugh at everything.

L.E. (n/a) | N.L. (n/a) | S.T. (n/a) | D.S. (n/a)

Amadea’s Recommendations


Mary and Max (2009)
Made in Australia, this stop-motion movie about two unlikely pen-pals glorifies the art of the handwritten letter. The air of melancholy forms a powerful, lasting impression on human connection. The movie was produced in Melbourne, where the studio artists crafted clay figures to tell this bizarre and sweet story.

L.E. (n/a) | N.L. (n/a) | S.T. (n/a) | M.Z. (n/a)


The Babadook (2014)
Another Australian movie, this low-budget psychological horror film is well made in every way. I have watched a lot of horror movies, and this one is on top.
Tip: Don’t watch this alone.

L.E. (n/a) | N.L. (n/a) | S.T. (n/a) | M.Z. (n/a)


Article by Lorenzo EncomiendaLorenzo likes to carve out time for exploring. Diving into subcultures and checking out new happenings, whether at home or abroad. Expect to find Lorenzo at the next comedy show or Pro-wrestling event in town.