Free Range Design: Finland HQ

Photos: Nathan Lee

Finland, the land of a thousand lakes. 

Finland, the land of a thousand lakes. 


“Work to live, or live to work? Is there really only two options to choose from or can you have it all?”

I am lucky enough to be a business owner, spending my weekday office hours doing what I truly love. It is pleasing to know that as a creative you can shape your direct environment through your work. This ‘workstyle’ satisfaction grows with the challenges that continually come in waves, one after another. 

There are many benefits that come with this working situation. A clear favourite of mine is having immense flexibility. Traveling and seeing the world is an important part of my life, so it is nice to be able to move my desk to the opposite side of the globe, when the opportunity presents itself. We are living in amazing times, where the power of technology and a variety of SAAS tools allow our entire team to be light, smart and effective in the way we work.

The Mind Methods office is perfectly located in the middle of the Sydney CBD and has been styled exactly to how we have wished. But the idea of working a few weeks in the Finnish summer sounds pretty damn cool too. 

Here is a gallery of photographs from my July in Finland, which inspired some new creativity in me and brought me back to Sydney with a 12-pack full of fresh ideas. 


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Article by Nathan Lee. Nathan is a Co-Founder and Creative Director at Mind Methods and has been delivering brand strategy since 2002. Nathan brings extensive experience spanning a long list of Australian and global brands across a range of industries, delivering outstanding brand, design, print and digital solutions.