Favourite Podcast Episodes of 2018


All of us in the studio listen to podcasts. More often than not, our first workday sighting of each other has us with earbuds in listening to the latest pod. Here are some of our favourite podcast episodes for 2018:


Reply All

#102 Long Distance Parts 1 & 2 

A podcast exploring the fast moving world of the internet, think True Crime for Cyberspace. At the office we get a lot of cold calls and interesting engagement from people from around the world. After an odd interaction with a possible scammer, the Tech journos from ‘Reply All’ decided to see how deep the rabbit hole went. It brought them to the other side of the world where an unlikely friendship was formed.


You Made It Weird

Mark Duplass Returns

Comedian Pete Holmes has introspective conversations with fellow comics, musicians, spiritual leaders and other creatives. He makes a new best friend in indie filmmaker Mark Duplass, talking art and "soul points".

"MARK DUPLASS: (26m 03s) There's a similar story about John Cassavetes. The day before they were filming they didn't have enough money to buy film and he told everybody, It's OK we're gonna make the movie tomorrow without film in the camera because that's what's important."


The Bill Simmons Podcast

Sports Gambling Is Legal (!) With Cousin Sal, and Ethan Hawke Breaks Down Every Fun Movie He Ever Made (Ep. 365)

This is a marriage of some of our favourite things at Mind Methods. The ever so charming Ethan Hawke talking basketball, writing and the 'Before...' movies, the greatest movie trilogy of all time.


Ezra Klein

How technology brings out the worst in us, with Tristan Harris

Ezra Klein, founder of Vox Media is one of the brightest voices discussing contentious and complicated issues relating to politics, identity and technology. Plenty of great topics to wrestle with but our problematic relationship with tech is a good start.


Dissect Podcast

S2E6 – Power by Kanye West

Each season music-lover Cole Cuchna devotes his attention to a groundbreaking album, analysing in painstaking detail every element from lyrics to composition of that record. Season 2 is dedicated to an artist as influential as he is divisive, Kanye West. A great portrait on the depth of meaning that goes into creating any piece of art.


What podcasts do you think are awesome? What inspires you? Get in touch, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Article by Lorenzo EncomiendaLorenzo likes to carve out time for exploring. Diving into subcultures and checking out new happenings, whether at home or abroad. Expect to find Lorenzo at the next comedy show or Pro-wrestling event in town.