Year in Review

Some of the best of our staff Instagram pics from 2018.

Some of the best of our staff Instagram pics from 2018.


“It has been a year that began with big changes and challenges, so we took a deep breath, looked forward and continued along the right path. Who would’ve thought!”

In late 2017 we took on our first additional staff member, at the start of 2018 our business partner signalled that he wanted to move onto other things, a few months later he was gone and we took on another team member. That was Mind Methods aged 5… we graduated preschool made it to big school.

Being a small team and having such significant changes could go one of two ways. However, Nathan and I were confident in our vision, approach to culture, work ethic and the systems and processes that we had both put in place over the years.

We had one of those moments where we looked at each other and first asked “are you up for it mate?” and then looked at each other and confirmed “let’s do this!”.

There are moments that define who you are and how you respond to challenges and this year, we proved to ourselves that we have grit and a really good partnership.

So our team loudly and proudly presents what we feel are some of our highlights and where we believe we should give gratitude.


Red Hat 

We have continued to develop and grow our relationship with the Red Hat marketing team. They have grown as a team and they are amazing people to work with.

The work is fast paced where we are managing budgets, buying media, rolling out digital advertising campaigns and generally taking on planned (and tight deadline) creative work.

The beauty is that it is always done with a smile, a thank you and general appreciation. The values instilled in the Red Hat team really shines through. They are hard working and dynamic thinkers with a supportive and respectful culture.

Red Hat were recently acquired by IBM and the sentiment is that IBM invested in Red Hat due to its amazing culture.

Kingsway Compounding 

Our true founding clients, we have been together for five years now and we are family. Recently Kingsway Compounding soft launched a new Kingsway Nutraceuticals range. This is a very exciting development for the team and they appointed an industry expert to lead the charge in taking these products to market.

Mind Methods is fortunate to be involved in this evolution, as we are getting more involved in FMCG style product strategy, marketing and creative (including packaging design).

We are looking forward to sinking our teeth further into this project whilst still helping to grow the traditional compounding arm of the business.

Navarra Venues

Owners of iconic Sydney venues such as Conca D’Oro, Le Montage, Curzon Hall and Oatlands House, Navarra Venues has been in the events industry for over 45 years and have shaped the minimum required standard of events today (particularly weddings).

This family owned business is a large scale professional operation whilst remaining rooted in tradition and paying homage to the old country of Italy.

Founder Filippo Navarra believed that persisting with high standards of service would only ever bring success and in true immigrant form, he persisted and inspired an industry.

Mind Methods have been tasked to formalise the marketing function with solid foundations and to take campaigns and communications to another level, whilst ensuring key metrics are set in place and regularly reviewed for improvement.

Also a fast paced environment, this mountain is being climbed one step at a time with a brand strategy now well and truly embedded and roll out occurring on all fronts of marketing.

We enjoy a good challenge and good ideas and so do the Navarra family. We’re looking forward to a positive 2019.

Local Government Super

Working with an ethical super fund is an absolute pleasure. Once again, the culture of this organisation shines through. The marketing department are no b/s, very respectful and transparent, intelligent and believe in what they are doing.

We have been fortunate to roll out their ethical and sustainability campaign for 2018. We pushed creative, messaging and placement as hard as we could and recently completed the post implementation review report.

The campaign had its challenges with placement, but the learnings and insights gathered are golden and will only strengthen any further acquisition campaigns moving forward.

We have learned to really understand this market and have honed in as to who the LGS target audience is.

What was most fulfilling here is working on an organisation in which you believe in what it stands for that puts its money in ethical areas and yields a positive return for its members by doing so.

Why haven’t you heard of them? Possibly because of their name. But our two industry super fund clients today are more about what they stand for and less about the industries they were born out of.

Club Plus Super

Another team that we have a long standing relationship with. CPS have been going through a few changes and have been bedding down their organisational structure and strategy to continue to achieve adopting new techniques and methods.

This is a fund that genuinely cares about its members and our team believe in the potential of this fund. We have heard the stories of how they have genuinely been there for members in trying times and like LGS we wish more people knew about them (especially given how the retail funds have recently been viewed).

We launched a new website, developed a content marketing approach to improve social media and SEO metrics and also developed campaign concepts for the team.


Finally we would like to thank everyone that has supported us (you know who you are), but a lot of our work comes from people that we know and respect, referring us on to other people. 

We would like to give a special mention to Lorenzo Encomienda, Amadea Soetrisno, Martin Greguric, Square Agency, Merlin FX, Australian Society of Compounding Pharmacists, Alex Hawke MP, Novoglan, Fortitude Private Wealth, Artemas Wealth, Gilton Valeo, New Energy Ventures, Rock Hardware, Cook & Archies, ATLiens Basketball Team, MMorning™ BBall crew and all of our good friends that pop by the office to say “Hi” and encourage us to keep doing what we’re doing.


An extra special thanks to our families, Elisa Lee and Lindsay Pieper… you are both very patient and strong women.




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3 x Creative Development


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