2017 Marketing Agency Wrap Up


“It’s been another great year! Being a boutique agency allows us to be nimble and to really keep a focus on the projects that matter to our clients.”

We really enjoy the varied work that comes our way, it keeps things interesting and there is never a one size fits all approach. The digital world is moving at breakneck speed and keeping up with the changes means that we are constantly evolving, learning, applying and reapplying. 

What we love the most is taking learnings from one project in a particular industry and identifying how the solution can be applied for a completely different client (in size and industry) and yielding positive results. A huge benefit of being an outsourced marketing agency is that we can have an agnostic view to all of the possible solutions that are out there.


Club Plus Super

Club Plus Super asked us to look at their digital and content strategy. The big win was developing a strategy, structure, design and project managing the launch of their new website. Time was of the essence and the goal was to develop a site that could accomodate all of the communication needs of the business. 

We’re pleased with how we have worked with the CPS team on this project and we are now focussing on developing content that is both relevant to their target audiences but also will attract new audiences through using core SEO research and content principles to empower the final content developed.  

Kingsway Compounding 

Kingsway Compounding have grown from a marketing perspective. The brand and digital strategy and tools setup early have now become a staple of their marketing activity. The rolling marketing program includes social media posting, monthly newsletters, blog content and event marketing. 

The big wins and challenges over the previous 12 months included implementing a client system (otherwise known as a CRM), creating a new online store and online client portal and finally creating processes to have the various internal systems talk to each other in a relatively automated way (i.e. website capture for email marketing, product information export for online store, social media and analytics linked etc). 

It’s exciting, as today Kingsway Compounding are quite sophisticated from a sales and marketing perspective and this area is now completely scalable due to being built on solid foundations, this has taken almost four years to achieve, but efficiency has been gained over that period to keep the business strong.  

Red Hat 

A new kid on the block is Red Hat. Known for being leaders in open source and specifically as pioneers of Linux solutions, Red Hat has been a great client to work with. With a focus in the technology space (in particular campaigns in the B2B environment), working with this global organisation has allowed us to market to people that are highly engaged with each other and passionate about solving problems (and sharing knowledge - a foreign concept in other competitive spaces). 

We first learned about marketing to I.T. gurus (i.e. software and I.T. solution marketing) when working with 12d Solutions and have been blessed to be able to continue working in this space over the years with clients like Polycom, Red Hat and Colab Consulting.


Jemena approached Mind Methods to develop a brand and name for a new business in the clean energy space and as a result Ovida was born. We have dedicated a case study to this project and we hope that you enjoy the work that was completed. Brand development is always a challenge, but coming up with a name is a greater challenge as a name has to work in many different ways including spoken, written, as a URL as a logo, large format, small format etc. 

A Start In Life

A Start in Life is an Australian charity focussed on education and helping disadvantaged students overcome their educational barriers. Mind Methods was asked to review their marketing efforts and to make recommendations as to how greater efficiency can be achieved with their marketing. A report was delivered identifying all of the areas of opportunity in marketing that would help grow the organisation. We hope their funding is pushed further as a result to help those in need. 

Gilton Valeo 

Recently we started also working with immigration law firm Gilton Valeo. This team helps people to establish themselves in Australia for various reasons and constantly have to navigate Australian immigration law to help their clients. 

We have been working with the team to develop their marketing strategy and tools from the ground up. This started with a brand workshop where we developed the look, feel and tone of the brand. This approach has been welcomed and we are in the process of rolling the new brand out. We believe it’s quite fresh and will stand out and yield results in this industry. 

QC Dental 

QC Dental is another client whereby we were able to review their current online advertising (Google Adwords), content strategy and campaign strategy to make recommendations as to what is working and what could work in the future. 

Owner Quincy was doing a number of things right and was on the right path. Mind Methods simply came in, enhanced the campaign, developed a content strategy and enhanced the website highlighting key benefits for engaging with QC Dental. Quincy now understands what his focus should be from a marketing perspective and is able to manage QC Dentals social and marketing activity moving forward. We are pleased that he learned about structured marketing whilst working with Mind Methods. 

Our other valued clients

We wish that we could talk about everything in detail, but it will mean this post will be longer than it already is… so to summarise we have many exciting projects that we have completed or are completing with our other clients including an eCommerce website for Rock Hardware, ongoing communications for Alex Hawke, online advertising and social media management for Artemas Wealth Management, brand and online marketing for Decoroom, brand development and online strategy for Fortitude Private Wealth, social media and email marketing for GAPPS and brand development for New Energy Ventures.


Finally we would like to thank everyone that has supported us (you know who you are), but a lot of our work comes from people that we know and respect, referring us on to other people. 

As a result our community has grown and we have met a lot of amazing people that we would not have otherwise met. Good people attract other good people and we are lucky to be surrounded by many people that understand our work ethic and want to see us succeed. Mind Methods is a brand that is the sum of all parts and it’s amazing to observe how the people in our lives support, take an interest in and contribute to the the Mind Methods brand. Thank you.


An extra special thanks to our families, you guys are the bee’s knees!  



Article by Simon TokicSimon has a few passions including basketball, music and surfing, however, most of his time is spent as a self proclaimed marketing geek applying fundamental marketing principles in strategic and creative ways. Prior to running Sydney marketing agency Mind Methods, Simon worked on leading brands including Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Glad, Chux, Armor All, Clorox, Barbeques Galore, Anglicare and more