Photo Diary: Around Australia and Auckland

Rocking out to Weezer at Lang Park.   Note: Find a basketball reference in each snap

Rocking out to Weezer at Lang Park.
Note: Find a basketball reference in each snap


“Founded in Lithuania during a year-long trip backpacking around Europe, @30HomeGames is a project I've created to honour my twin loves of basketball and travel. Seeking experiences through the prism of basketball has brought me from Caracas to China and Cleveland to Cairns. To tip off 2018, I traveled around Australasia to visit the 8 arenas of the National Basketball League”

Lorenzo's offbeat recommendations around Australasia

  1. Went to Fringe Perth and watched comedians Lawrence Leung (MELB) and Tom Cashman (SYD). If they’re in town make sure to check them out.

  2. Penlan is a local streetwear company based out of Cairns. One of the few ‘The Hundreds’ stockists in Australia’s north.

  3. Weezer supported the Foo Fighters at Lang Park. They’re pretty great.

  4. Seaside Sweets by Perth’s Semaphore Beach sell cans of Faygo. Whoop, whoop!

  5. The Indy Wrestling scene is growing from strength to strength in Australia, becoming on par with circuits in the UK, Japan and the US. Notable companies in Australia include: Explosive Pro Wrestling (WA), Melbourne City Wrestling (VIC) and Pro Wrestling Australia (NSW).

  6. ‘Wu Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M’ is an Irish cream style liqueur. The price of two shots at the bar is equivalent to a whole bottle at Dan Murphy’s, you might as well buy it there if you just wanna sample it.

  7. During days of protest and celebration, Musgrave Park in Brisbane is transformed into a cultural festival that showcases the best of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

  8. Enjoy ‘Opera in the Park’ if you’re in Perth at the start of the year, that’s also ‘Fringe’ season.

  9. Karangahape rd aka “K road” in Auckland is a vibrant and punk rock precinct in Auckland. I’d recommend Tart Bakery in St Kevins Arcade, a great place to eat and stock up on your day’s worth of snacks. Everything’s vegan.

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Article by Lorenzo Encomienda
Lorenzo likes to carve out time for exploring. Diving into subcultures and checking out new happenings, whether at home or abroad. Expect to find Lorenzo at the next comedy show or Pro-wrestling event in town.