Marketing Projects in Action

Mind Methods marketing agency and consultancy projects in action

Projects in Action - 5 Things We Hold True

In this update we thought it would be good to shed some light on what happens behind the scenes at Mind Methods when we are working on projects with our clients and their internal teams.

We get a great deal of satisfaction working with sales & marketing professionals and their teams, as we have walked in their shoes and can naturally understand their needs in a short period of time. This puts their minds at ease, knowing that the partners at Mind Methods have worked on the "client-side" for many years, managing their own agencies and internal projects.

“By developing a deep understanding of what makes us tick, they were able to offer solutions that completely hit the mark and are highly valued across our business in a very short period of time.”

— Stefan Strano, Head of Marketing, Brand and Strategy, Club Plus Super

It was with this experience that Mind Methods was born, as we set out to create the Agency Partner that we had always wanted to work with ourselves:


1. Clients Access Business Owners

The owners of our business are easily accessible to all of our clients. We have created this boutique structure intentionally, because we want to illustrate our long-term commitment to clients and our co-ownership of their results and success, which have a direct impact on our own businesses success and our livelihood. It becomes clear very quickly that we take full responsibility for all aspects of our engagements. We deeply believe that people work with people they trust and that strong, honest and productive relationships are essential in achieving the best results over sustained periods of time.

2. Becoming an Extension of Teams

When working with clients, we become an extension of their team. We add our expertise, experience and capabilities to their existing array of talents and act as one cohesive team with common goals. We don't believe in an distant supplier/client mentality (them and us), but in the idea that we become an extension of an ambitious and collaborative team.

3. Strategic & Creative Workshops

This is where the magic happens, both inside client offices and back at Mind Methods HQ. Our strategic and creative workshops with clients take a great deal of planning and preparation to ensure that the time in workshopping is maximised. Once completed this is often followed up by some intense internal Mind Methods workshops where we battle out our best approaches to help clients achieve their objectives. (And they can get pretty passionate, funny or downright insane at times!) 

4. Project Planning & Management

We place a great deal of emphasis on thorough project planning when working with internal teams. Project plans are set out right up front and are communicated and agreed transparently across the combined team. This often involves agreement on key deadlines and deliverables, as well as the identification of the results and outputs to measure and analyse post-implementation. It also involves a lot of amazing Gantt Charts!

We manage projects meticulously internally to ensure that everything stays on track, gets done properly and hits client expectations and deadlines alike. We use project management software to assist the process and provide full access and transparency to clients, so that they can easily collaborate and share ideas throughout. 

5. Senior Management & Board Presentations

This is something we truly enjoy as we understand the importance of having senior management buy-in and support for key sales & marketing initiatives. Whenever requested, Mind Methods presents to Senior Management as well as Boards of Directors on behalf of the overall project team they form with clients. Again, the imperative for us here is to illustrate that we are not just an external party coming in for a pay check, but a fully operational extension of the internal team with common goals in mind.


What Clients Say

As a boutique Agency Partner,  we work very closely with our clients. When we do engage and find a good fit with a client, we form an integral extension of their team and we enjoy working towards our common goals. 

“We had tried a range of marketing activities and agencies over the years and we never really felt like we had all bases covered. We chose to work with Mind Methods as our marketing department due to their deep experience in many industries. They understand us and apply customised solutions for our specific business, budgets and needs.”

— George Dimaris, Partner & Principal Pharmacist, Kingsway Compounding

“Rather than try and sell us generic solutions, Mind Methods quickly embedded themselves in our business and worked to understand our strengths and opportunities, as well as the hurdles that our relationship team are up against every day.”

— Stefan Strano, Head of Marketing, Club Plus Super