Law Firm Brand Strategy & Outsourced Marketing

— Gilton Valeo —

A fresh brand strategy that would inspire a powerful outsourced marketing program for a unique Sydney-based specialist immigration law firm.



Lead by their charismatic principal, Troy Andres, Gilton Valeo have evolved into a unique and successful mid-tier immigration law firm who boast a highly talented team and an outstanding, collegiate company culture.

Having grown as a business in so many ways, Gilton Valeo felt that it was an opportune time to consolidate their brand strategy and communicate their brand values to their clients and the market. 

They approached and selected Mind Methods Agency to help them define their brand and communicate this effectively through an ongoing outsourced marketing communications program.

Gilton Valeo creates opportunities
for businesses, people and their families
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Knowing the passion that runs through this business, from the owner to every other member of the team, it was clear that a Brand Strategy project would be the first step. This involved a thorough Brand Planning exercise, suited to the needs of a mature small business that was looking to consolidate upon a solid foundation. 

Once the brand strategy was set, the next phase would involve rolling out the brand through all business and marketing collateral. This would also involve setting up a range of branded marketing communications tools, from website and blog, to email, social media and integrated campaigns.

We bring people
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Mind Methods Agency ran a formal brand planning process through interviews and workshops, bedding down Gilton Valeo’s brand positioning and differentiation and developing a foundation for the brand ‘essence’ through visual cues. 

This exercise resulted in a clearly documented brand report, forming the platform upon which a refreshed brand identity was built and that will now influence how all future creative is approached (including photography, social media, website, video, advertising etc).

Once the brand project was completed, we began the brand roll-out through a range of business and marketing collateral and some of these are listed below:

Brand Collateral Roll-out:

  • Business Cards
  • With Compliments Slip
  • Letterhead
  • Email Signatures
  • Microsoft Presentation Template
  • Post Cards
  • Promotional Mugs

Together as a combine team, Mind Methods Agency and Gilton Valeo are in full-swing with this ongoing outsourced marketing program, building the neccessary tools and then beginning to communicate with both existing clients and contacts, as well as the wider marketplace across marketing channel.

The outsourced marketing program will primarily focus on Business to Business (B2B) Marketing, but will also involve an element of Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketing. A summary of our focus areas for the program is provided below:

Marketing Systems & Communications:

  • Business Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Content & Management
  • Content Research & Development
  • Online Advertising (Google Adwords, Social Media Advertising)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing Research & Analysis
We care.
We have personality.
We are personable.
We are responsive.
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The results of the brand project were genuinely satisfying, as the whole team at Gilton Valeo felt strongly that the outcomes truly reflected their brand values and positioning. 

The great attitude of the entire team at Gilton Valeo has shone through every aspect of the program so far and we are looking forward to the continued partnership as their outsourced marketing agency, as we stick to the process of making marketing a key priority in the business going forward.

So far, the response and feedback to the brand and initial collateral has been very positive from clients, contacts and the market. 

We’re all excited about what is to come, so watch this space as Gilton Valeo keep growing from strength to strength and further supporting their strong existing client base.