Healthcare Brand Transformation

— Kingsway Compounding —

A complete brand strategy, plan & transformation for  leading pharmaceutical compounders in Australia

The Situation

Kingsway Compounding are breaking new ground in personalised medicine, but they've been there from the industry's humble beginnings. After 15 years of market-leading quality, they needed their brand to reflect their leader position whilst showcasing their history as first to market innovators.

With a strong focus on producing only the highest quality solutions, the founders at Kingsway Compounding had never formally addressed their brand strategy. With continued success due to their outstanding quality, service and operations, it was time of the business to express these qualities through a comprehensive brand transformation. 

They came to us with a clear challenge, to build a brand that visually communicated their brand history, market-leading position and all of the unique qualities that make them a cut above the rest.  


Our Solution

Given the range of projects that we had worked on together already, we were pretty clear about how we approach our solution. It was critical for us to work closely with the founders in developing an overall brand strategy that reflected the premium quality that they deliver every day, but that also paid homage to their history and first-to-market position.

The entire operation and all staff members at Kingsway Compounding exude professionalism, quality and service. From their state-of-the-art, world class facilities to their stringent quality assurance program, the business operates at the highest possible standard in their field.

We brought all of this together into a brand strategy and identity that could pave the way forward as they continue to grow and evolve as leaders. This included an extensive brand planning phase, the development of a brand strategy and eventual roll-out of the planned brand execution.


The Results

Most importantly, a clear brand strategy was put into place for the organisation. This would not only influence the development of the brand identity, but would also provide a clear roadmap for the roll-out of the brand over time.

The founders of Kingsway Compounding were incredibly proud and excited about the final brand developed, satisfied that it managed to highlight their history in the industry, as well reflect the highest levels of quality that they pride themselves on.

We have continued to roll-out the brand across all print and digital applications, from business collateral to communications, product labels, exhibition displays and general signage.