Adrian Cachia

Mind Methods Founder & Account Director

“I work with amazing people, helping them turn their great businesses into phenomenal and memorable brands. I love seeing their passion and hard work evolve into inspiring brand stories for the world to share. My ultimate goal is to make a positive difference through business.”

 Adrian Cachia - Mind methods Marketing Agency

Adrian Cachia provides sales and marketing consulting, from strategy development to operations and implementation. He is Co-Founder and Strategy Director at Mind Methods, a unique Marketing Agency proudly based in Sydney and has worked with some of the biggest brands including MLC/NAB, GE Capital, BT Investment Management, Polycom, FIFA and many more.

Adrian is a passionate football fan (of the round ball kind) and a life long traveler with a keen interest in world music, culture and adventure. At home it’s all about his family, friends and creating a happy and healthy environment.

His ultimate goal is to make a positive difference through business, helping clients take their brands, products and services to market.

“In the end, it's all about people and adding value to their lives in an honest and sustainable manner. Let’s talk about taking your brand, products and services to market”



Sales & marketing expertise and exposure:

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Sales Strategy & Planning

Brand & Creative

Marketing Communications

Digital, Search & Online Marketing

Market Research & Analysis

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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My Top 5 Football Rags to Riches Stories

1. Maradona – Grew up in a shanty town (Villa Fiorito) where he was so good that his mates called him a Martian. He shared a room with seven other kids. From nothing, he became on of the greatest ever!
2. Pele – Originally named Edison Arantes do Nascimento, the football legend grew up in poverty, using a rolled up sock stuffed with newspaper for a ball. He scored over 1000 goals, becoming one of the greatest players in history.
3. Ronaldo (Il Fenomeno) – He couldn't even afford the bus fare to try out for Flamengo and then won the FIFA World Player of the Year three times!
4. Garrincha – The late Brazilian legend was practically a slave to a Brittish company in Brazil. He freed himself from the toughest upbringing through football, eventually winning 2 World Cups in the 50’s and 60’s.
5. Rivaldo – Brazilian super-star in the 1990’s, very few know about Rivaldo’s childhood struggles. He was so poor that he suffered from malnutrition, losing his teeth. He rose upto become a gifted World Cup winner.

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My Top 5 attributes I bring to clients

1. Expertise across the marketing function: I help clients achieve objectives because I stick to solid marketing fundamentals, campaign strategy and know the value of analysis and effectively measuring business outcomes.
2. Communication and presentation: I’ve always believed in developing an honest and easy to understand communication style. Over the years I’ve delivered presentations and facilitated workshops at all levels from general publics, to project teams, senior management and boards of directors. So far the feedback has been good, but I plan to never stop learning and developing this attribute.
3. Relationship & stakeholder management: Over the years I’ve managed a range of relationships, both internal and external in nature. Where possible, I try to help clients successfully manage their stakeholders’ expectations and effectively communicate relevant outcomes in a meaningful way.
4. Sales & account management: I strongly believe in a 'sales-focussed' approach to marketing. My experience and track record in managing commercial relationships with business leaders across industries comes in handy when helping clients close significant opportunities and deals.
5. Analytics, CRM and database management: Early on I realised that understanding customer analytics, CRM and data management heavily influenced how well I could communicate marketing success and results. By using targeting, segmentation and ROI analysis, I help clients identify the key drivers of success and justify their investment in sales and marketing activities.


My Top 5 favourite documentaries

1. Man on Wire – Brilliant doco that resonated on so many levels. A great example of how the right team can take a vision and inspiration and turn it into a practical reality…against all odds!
2. Welcome to Lagos – I turn to this whenever I feel overwhelmed or start feeling sorry for myself. It shows that your attitude is everything, in every situation.
3. The Human Planet – This is a phenomenal doco that looks at how humans have managed to adapt in any environment. I mostly love seeing the relationships between people and the other flora and fauna within their environment.
4. 1 Giant Leap + What About Me? (Part 2) – There are two parts, but I’ll count it as one Super-Inspirational doco full of life’s wisdom and great world music. That’s all I’m saying, just watch and feel incredibly positive about everything!
5. Hero: The Official Film of the 1986 FIFA World Cup – As a child this documentary illustrated to me how one individual could inspire a nation through passion, belief and a very rare talent. This doco was my go-to move for years…and still is.

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